Powerful Email Campaigns

Authentic Visuals Media helps you create E-Mail newsletters, share them on social networks, integrate with services you already use, and track your results. We develop custom beautiful designs and integrate them with your Website to give you a personal publishing platform.


Sending email newsletters doesn't have to be a headache. It can be a delightful experience for both you and your subscribers.

Simple Mailing List

With our Newsletter Software it's easy to create and maintain a clean mailing list. Sometimes you do not even have to create any addresses as your customers can subscribe themselves online by using a Newsletter subscription form on your Website.

Import mailing list from various sources including your Outlook Address book and Excel Worksheet. Feed any CSV file in the Import Form and all your addresses are instantly added to your newsletter mailing list.


Integrates Nicely with your Website

The Newsletter Software integrates nicely with your website giving your subscribers an easy interface to manage their subscription and also allows users to read their newsletter online whenever their email applications can't open them correctly.

Simple Archive

Write once and publish any time you want. Newsletters can be set to auto publish themselves once their publish date becomes due. The online interface also maintains an easy to access archive list for all your past newsletters where new Subscribers can read your past publications.

Easy Management and Creation Tools

Our Newsletter Software does not require any scientific knowledge to use. The user management tools and Newsletter creation tools are very easy to use.

The Software provides an integrated WYSIWYG HTML editor that makes it very easy to create nice designs. You can also create you content from Microsoft Word or any Word Processor and paste the contents to create a new Newsletter.

Free Templates

Free Templates

Our Newsletter Software comes with a huge collection of HTML Newsletter Templates designed to make it easy for all users to create a Newsletter in no time. Besides you can always create your custom designs or ask us to create one for you.

Custom Designs and Management

Our Design Team will help you get the best out of the Newsletter Software by assisting you to come up with a nice custom and original design for your Newsletters.

Authentic Visuals Media can also manage all your newsletters and guarantee your customers a better reading experience through standards based designs and new technologies.